My name is Lisette (Lee-Set). I am a child of Puerto Rican parents that came over to the United States when they were young. I spent my younger years living in New Britain, Connecticut where I was born and where my mother's family migrated 70 years ago. Later in my youth, I moved to Florida, and here is where I discovered I was Puerto Rican and not just American. Discovering photography in my teens, mostly gave me a chance to record my life. As I studied art and photography, Latinx representation and stories are minimal and therefore I set out to obtain my Master's in Photography. Currently, I live in Northeast, Florida, where I am working on a lyrical diaristic series related to my Puerto Rican family.

Photography, the medium, its history, and the visual language in which it can communicate to a viewer is so powerful, that I find it to be the way I can express myself best.