These bodies of work are linguistic based documentary focusing on the concept of identity.  The are documentary because they are statements or expressions of my family or myself, but also fictional due to my interference in staging the image in order to project my intended concept. I want the viewer to look beyond the actual and see themselves within the body of work.
"A general category for photography from the 1970s onward. Over the past few decades, the medium has been defined by new technologies and formats, among the most important being color photography, digital manipulation, and large-scale printing techniques. Contemporary photographers often use these developments to present new perspectives on traditional subjects and compositions. The New Topographics documented expansive, deadpan views of nature, while, more recently, Alec Soth and Taryn Simon have captured portraits of subjects from the fringes of society. There is also a recurring blurring of the division between documentary and fiction, inspired by the elaborate staging of images by photographers such as Cindy ShermanJeff Wall, and Gregory Crewdson." -  Artsy.net

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