Project Titles:
Soy y Siempre sere (I am and will always be) - Mar 6, 2021
El Sol Me Guia( The sun guides me) - Mar 25, 2021
La Patria (Motherland) - Apr 10, 2021
Donde Mi Corazon Se Descansa ( Where My Heart Rest)
Me Hay Creado y Me Proteje ( She created me and protects me) - Apr 2, 2021
Espiritu (Spirit) - May 20, 2021
Desde Agua, La Vida de Todo ( From the water, the life of all) - Mar 20, 2021
El Sol Se Levantara y Los Intentaremos Otra Vez ( The sun will rise and we will try again) - May 8, 2021
Project Abstract:
In this lyrical documentary: autobiography, I am communicating a linguistic concept expressing the spiritual dichotomy of my identity. My artistic intent is to explore the dualities of my inward spiritual and religious references that guide my persona and decisions as a woman born in the United States to Puerto Rican parents. The intended outcome of what I would want the viewer to see in the work, their own spiritual experience, or a better understanding of how a person with competing cultures and spiritual upbringing may feel out of place or not at home completely. The twenty (20) digital images are created with a Canon EOS R camera and printed on 13x19 Moab Lasal 235 from an Epson Surecolor p600 using Epson UltraChrome® HD Ink. They are to be presented in a clamshell box meant for portfolio reviews and/ or gallery submissions.
Statement of Evolution:
This body of work is no longer an aspect of the tangible but leans toward my identity's visceral and ephemeral nature. Therefore, as I continue to research and explore my family history and the links to my spiritual ancestry and Christian influences, I expect the images to evolve into a more poignant and poetic concept. Since I am addressing the intangible, symbolism and metaphors combined with color references will be used more in my images to express the nature of my spiritual duality. Possibly, I will need a trip to Puerto Rico to obtain a first-hand understanding from the point of view of someone who actually practices spiritualism on the island.

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