"Code - In communications and information processing, code is a system of rules to convert information."

Girl Code usually refers to the set of rules that girls or women live by. The code usually involves sets of rules made up to establish boundaries. Code-switching involves a changing of dialect or language in order to fit in with a group of people who speak the same. I have taken these two concepts, girl code, and code-switching and have applied the general definition to girls who game. New girl code is established in the virtual world, where communication between each other and the opposite sex has a new set of rules and the code-switching of not only language but of identity comes into play. Here the blend of real and fantasy start to merge and the 21 Century girl has no identity and the code rules of the past no longer have value. New rules are established as the century nears the future.
This series falls under the genre of fine art portrait: identity. Girlhood and the new norms are being reflected in each of the photographs. An intellectual unity and linguistic unity throughout the series will be used by incorporating psychological and implied lines, tension, repetition of color and shapes. The repetition of shapes and two main colors in the series ( black, red) is to tie in all the photographs to the first image of the red and black found in the apron. The apron symbolizing girlhood/womanhood. The video controller, the PC, objects that represent the video game world will appear in the images where the viewer may not see a distinct relationship to what is in the frame of the image and the idea that the actual subject relates to this connection between the girl and videos. As you note in the second image of the items on a shelf, the controller is missing, but in its place are the video games. The decision to use color is based that color symbolizes more the present and future and this is what I convey in the series. The present relationship and future expectations. The color hues and tones are bright, hopeful and youthful. They are representative of a balance between girl coming of age in a world that has new expectations. The visual tension is between these juxtaposing ideas of the subject of the photograph and the actual subject also balance sharpening will give visual interest to the photographs.
I am using a Canon 5d Mark III and tripod to create the same color ambient in each of the photographs, but if the environment necessitates more lighting, I will use a Canon 600ex external flash with a diffuser. Every photograph has basically been creating in the same room. The decision not to have the natural world in these photographs is based on the idea of girlhood and the new expectations in a relationship are being dictated in the frame of a box that does not incorporate the natural world. This series is also very current, therefore printing, size of the print, and framing must also be current. I will print these images 16x20 on Fuji Crystal Archive Matte (Lustre) paper, edge to edge and framed with a white non-glossy frame around them. I have a preference for white frames because I believe it gives the images the latitude to stand out and speak to the audience and not be boxed in by a black frame. Also, a white frame is in line with contemporary photography, whereas the black frame symbolizes a more vintage traditional standard.

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